Asian Chicken Wraps

asian-chicken-wraps2Every time I make the drive between Virginia and Michigan, I like to pack some wraps and snacks in a little cooler. That way, I only have to stop for gas and I eat well so I don’t feel cruddy from fast food when I get to where I’m going. I try to do something different each time, I ran a search and found a recipe for these on Good Life Eats.

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Mini Meatloaves

mini-meatloavesDawww aren’t they cute? As cute as something inherently un-cute like meatloaf can be, I suppose. These went along with the potato salad on a picnic with my “little.” Meatloaf is her favorite food (not pizza or ice cream like every other 8-year-old… meatloaf. But I’m not complaining, I love the stuff) so I decided to make some fun, picnicy little “loaves.”

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Mayo-less Potato Salad

mayo-less-potato-saladHooray for summer! It’s grilling, potluck-ing, picnic-ing season! The time for cold, creamy “salads” and barbeque. Mmmmm.

I stumbled on this potato salad recipe with pickles & fresh dill a while back and decided to give it a go with some nonfat, thick Greek yogurt (my go-to for anything that requires mayo, sour cream, or even half & half). It’s so yummy, my 8-year-old Big Brothers Big Sisters “little” loved it and it’s so easy, she pretty much made it herself.

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Shopping List: Week 28

Since it’s the end of the school year and I’ll be bidding Richmond adieu for a while, I have a good many dinner obligations with friends and classmates before I skip town. That means I’m pretty much planning for a full week of breakfast, a half-week of lunches & dinners, and road-food. A $30 budget should get me through just fine.

Here’s what I have planned:

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Springtime Pasta

springtime-pasta3Ooo! Look at all that green! There’s no way this can’t be delicious when my cutting board looks like that, right?

springtime-pasta2I seriously need to find a way to be adopted by Heidi Swanson. Everything I try from 101 Cookbooks is amazing and this pasta dish is no exception. I never would have thought to combine all these herbs and veggies with pasta, egg and avocado – but it’s magical. The egg and avocado give the pasta an awesome creamy-richness, and the veggies and herbs make it so fresh tasting. I could eat this all the time, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting blog.

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Grilled Chicken Skewers & Tabbouli

grilled-chicken-skewers-tabbouliI’ve had a container of bulgur wheat hanging out in my cupboard for a while now. The stuff is really good – you can cook it up in broth with some veggies just like lentils, or cook it in milk like oatmeal. For some reason, though, I’ve been neglecting it. And, now that I’ll be skipping town for a while, I’m trying to eat my way through as much of the contents of my cupboard as possible.

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Honey Mustard Chicken & Apples

honey-mustard-chicken-applesSo after I picked out this recipe to use up the apples in my produce box, I recognized a pattern:

I like cooked apples + meat + honey mustard. And I tend to eat some combination or other every couple months. After this discovery, I could have changed course, but heck, why should I? It’s good! So I ran with it. And, I can pretty safely say that this won’t be the last thing I make involving cooked apples and/or honey mustard. It’s just so tasty.

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Simple Quiche with Sorrel

simple-quiche-with-sorrelThis quiche was totally cobbled together out of things I had sitting around. I was a little nervous – rather than the typical half & half, I used Greek yogurt, and rather than your typical pie crust, I used up the lonely puff pastry in my freezer. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it turned out great! Full of fresh herbs and the sort of sour creamy tang of yogurt.

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