Hi, I’m Sarah.

I love food, I eat well, and I think everyone else should too.

The first incarnation of this blog wasfourmeals.com. For about nine months I was on a mission: eat good food, four times a day, on a $40 a week budget. It was a wonderful experience and taught me how to be more resourceful, savvy, and creative in the kitchen. As part of my budget planning, I put together weekly menus and shopping lists, which are still available for your perusal under the Four Meals tab.

Between May 2012 and June 2013, I took a blogging break. I finished grad school, did some traveling, and kept on cooking, though without keeping track of a budget. During my hiatus, I missed posting what I was making – this site has served as an online recipe box of sorts for me – but didn’t have the time to do the extensive planning, budgeting, and numbers of posts I started out with.

Now to the present! I’ve decided to start posting again, though more casually. I won’t be keeping weekly budgets or menus, I’ll merely be sharing tasty culinary adventures that I want to remember for myself and share with you all! In keeping with the original flavor of this blog, posted recipes will be tasty, affordable, and accessible. Hence, the name change.

Questions, comments, and feedback is always welcome.

Happy eating!