shopping_budgetI love food! I believe everyone should eat a variety of delicious and high quality food every day. Expensive you say? Not at all. For 9 months, I have limited my grocery budget to $40 a week. The budget coveredfour meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. The meals should also be healthy and tasty.

It does require some work, planning, and a lot of creativity. For me the journey is not always a smooth sailing. The good news is, you don’t have to start planning your meals or shopping list from scratch. I have posted here my shopping list and meal plans for 28 weeks for free. Enough to get you started. Not only that, I also share my recipes, tips and tricks to stay within the budget. Sometimes you will find that you will even stay under the budget.

If you don’t have many experience in creating your meal plans, I recommend you start by sticking to my meal plans and shopping lists. Gradually substitute some ingredients and then start combining my meal plans and recipes with your own, or even creating your own.

The key is you should be willing to make some things yourself, which can really save you a lot of money.   For example, I love to eat granola for breakfast with a creamy Greek yogurt. The commercial granola can be quite expensive and contains a lot of unhealthy stuff. So I make my own and I include the recipe here.

To get started, you do need to keep some essential items in your kitchen such as olive oil, butter, seasonings, and other kitchen staples.  If you do not already have these, you may go over budget when you have to buy some of these but they carry over for the next weeks so don’t worry about it.

Always keep an eye for special offers or sales when planning your weekly menu and shopping. It will drastically reduce your budget. Also, do not be afraid to buy in bulk something you can use the next week. Sometimes I plan and shop for two weeks at once. For example, I bought three pounds of beef for week three and four.

So, no excuse. Start now. I promise you, the journey will be an exciting one. It is empowering to be able to cook for yourself and stay within budget. Share your experience here and don’t hesitate to ask me anything or leave a comment on any post.