Shopping List: Week 27

This week, Farm to Family (a local farmers market-type operation) has been taunting me with talk of fresh, local strawberries, asparagus, greens, and all sorts of other springtime goodies. They have this fantastic, easy, unfussy thing called a grab-n-go box. Literally a box full of produce. Grab it, pay for it, and go. I decided to go pick one up and plan my meals around the contents of the box. If you’ve been around a while and paid close attention (not sure that’s anyone other than my mom), I did the same exact thing last fall (allll the way back to week 6!) and got some pretty fantastic stuff out of it.

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Sea Scallops with Cous Cous & Spinach

sea-scallops-with-cous-cous-spinachThis is coming a little late since, well, I’ve eaten all of it, and yesterday I planned and did my shopping for the upcoming week (starting today), but it’s been a crazy week and I wanted to save the most epic meal for last.

This was definitely the best dinner of the lot for weeks 25 & 26. Honestly though, it wasn’t a fair contest. Sea scallops win EVERY TIME. Pretty much by default. That is, unless you overcook them and they get all rubbery. Don’t do that.

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Peppered Steak & Tomato Salad

peppered-steak-tomato-saladSo, maybe I’m jumping the gun a little on tomatoes this year, but I couldn’t help myself! This was a really good tomato salad – I’ll definitely be making it again with proper summer tomatoes.

The inspiration for this came from a Cooking Light recipe (here’s the original), but I deviated quite a bit to make things easy. This is a super simple dinner, just steak n’ tomatoes, but you could easily pair it with a little side salad to get some more green.

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Eggplant Pomodoro

eggplant-pomodoroIf you’ve yet to try eggplant in a pasta sauce, you need to get on board. It gives the pasta this awesome creaminess without the fat and calories of, well, cream.

As always, I took some liberties with the original recipe to make it easier on myself, and it worked out just fine. This was so much more fun than just a regular tomato sauce – the creamy eggplant and briney capers and olives make it extra yummy. Give it a go next time you want a little something different than your typical tomato sauce.

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Mango Bread Pudding

mango-bread-puddingDear God. This breakfast (and by breakfast I mean dessert that I ate in the morning) is nothing short of amazing. I was reading a blog the other day that used the word luscious – which sort of gives me the creeps – but it’s truly descriptive of this bread pudding-crumble hybrid. Mango is the perfect fruit for this – it’s dense enough to maintain through baking, but gets all warm and velvetty smooth… luscious.

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Feta-Topped Chicken

feta-topped-chickenStep 1 to de-vegetarianizing myself: have some chicken! (if this is jibberish to you, check out the last post)

I’d say I made pretty good use of that lonely chicken breast chillin in my freezer. This couldn’t have been much easier: season chicken, broil chicken, throw together a salad, eat. And I didn’t dirty anything but the cutting board and a knife! (Well, my plate and fork, but you can’t really count those.)

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Shopping List: Weeks 25 & 26

Mostly thanks to the GIANT batch of Asian slaw, I’ve had some carry-over into this week, too. Thing is, I have about a week and a half worth of crazy school work ahead of me, so, rather than try to plan for 5 days and have nice even weeks, I’m going to plan through the end of school craziness so I don’t have to think about shopping while I’m finishing all these big projects. Budget-wise, I’m aiming to spend around $50.

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Asian Slaw with Ginger-Peanut Dressing

asian-slaw-with-ginger-peanut-dressingAh! So fresh and crunchy and delicious.

Because its slaw, it’s good cold, and because it’s a substantial slaw, it’s good by itself – making this not only a delicious, cook-free dinner, but an awesome packed lunch. Believe me, one batch of this stuff and you’ll have lunch for a while. I have a GIANT bowl of it in the fridge that I’m not quite sure what to do with.

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Baked Veggies & Yellow Rice

baked-veggies-yellow-riceYum. I love a good cheesy rice bake. Especially one with tomatoes & black beans. What makes this one extra special is that it’s loaded with veggies that still manage to keep a little crunch.

This dish comes together pretty easy – you can chop stuff up while the rice is cooking, then basically mix it all together and throw it in the oven ’til the cheese melts. If you care to, you can throw some cooked chicken in the mix, put some pan-fried fish on top (like I did in the picture), or just eat it as is. The rice, cheese, beans & veggies are pretty filling all on their own.

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